Our story

We started our journey in early spring 2015. It started from a notion that there is always more new information produced and at going rate, humans can only translate a tiny fraction of it. In today’s world we rely on communicating and sharing, and we need to gradually overcome the language barriers.

Machine translation instantly helps to gain some understanding of a text or speech. Professional translators use translation tools to manage translation memory as a great leverage to increase the speed of their translation. However generally, translation memories are not shared and translation tools tend to be expensive and hard to master.

We at Skuuper provide a solution for this - a platform that integrates an easy-to-use translation tool with seed translation memory and a marketplace for crowdsourced translations and translation memories. In August 2016 we were ready to tip our toes to the waters of the actual market.

We are in the beginning of our journey and invite you to make it with us.

Meet the team

Skuuper is built by a team of professionals who are passionate about simplifying the translation process for occasional users and professional translators alike.

Team inge



Brights a new life and order to the company

Team alex



Ernest perfectionist, full stack developer and theoretical physicist.

Team oleg


Co-Founder & Lead Technologist

Extraordinary combination of linguistic and IT skills.


UX Designer

Willing to bring best interface to everyone.

Team joel


Senior Developer

Full stack, system architect and a knack about front-end.

Team hans


Translation Consultant

Surgeons precision with IT skills - the perfect combo for research.

Advisory Board

Skuuper activities are empowered and supervised by Advisory Board members

Raul Malmstein

Founder & advisory board member

Arvo Heinmaa

Primary Investor

Martin Talts